parent - teacher interaction :
  1. The co-operation and good will of the parents is an essential component of an effective parent-teacher relationship in order to provide maximum educational opportunities for children. The school needs the involvement of parents in many of its activities

  2. Parents and guardians shall co-operate with the school by adhering to the rules and regulations as amended from time to time

  3. Parents should see that their children are dressed properly and neatly with the particular uniform prescribed for the day

  4. Parents are encouraged to give positive suggestions for the improvement of academic standards

  5. Parents are requested to supervise the daily Homework of their ward and duly sign their homework diary every day after the completion and counter check and thus co-operate with the teachers

  6. It is the duty of the parents to provide necessary infrastructure and material for their daily duties at home

  7. Children should not be kept at home or called for during working hours for unnecessary and trifle reasons

  8. Progress cards of the students after each semestral examination are to be collected by the parents personally from the class teacher and to be duly signed in the presence of the teacher. This will help the parent-teacher to have a dialogue about the ward and take adequate steps to improve the over all growth of the ward

  9. Parents are absolutely forbidden to enter the classrooms when the classes are on. They may meet the teachers before or after the class hours only

  10. No parent is allowed to walk on the verandah or enter the classroom for any reason. They are advised to contact in the school office or in the principal's chamber for any necessity

  11. Parents/ guardian are requested to make known their grievances or complaints in writing directly to the principal and not to the teacher concerned

  12. All dues must be cleared before a student is admitted to the terminal and final examinations

Fr. Deepak Rayappa

Fr. Andrew Jyaraj V

Fr. Amar Lobo
Vice- Principal

Fr Anil
Hostel Director