Principal’s Birthday:- 
The birthday of Br. Victor Crasta, OFM Cap., the principal of Infant Jesus School, is on 28th December.  As this auspicious day fell on a day when the school was closed for Christmas holidays, the vice-principal, staff and students did not want it to escape without notice.  Accordingly, the staff and students gathered together on the 13th of January, 2011 and made it a memorable one.  The school choir sang the felicitation song and Miss Supriya one of the teachers highlighted the good qualities of the principal and explained to everyone the yeomen services the principal renders to the school.  During his stay in the school for the past 4 years as a principal of the school, the standard of the school came to such an extent that Infant Jesus School has become one of the best sought after schools in Chikmagalur.  The vice-principal Fr. Lawrence Sequeira thanked Bro. Victor for the relentless services that he renders to the school in the name of the Capuchin Order.  Each and every student brought a flower to greet the celebrant of the day.  Students and the staff entertained everyone with varieties of songs and dances.  Finally, the students were served with a piece of birthday cake and all the staff were served with a sumptuous meal.