Children’s Days Celebration at Infant Jesus School:- 
November 14th is a special day for all the children in India, since it is a birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of India.  This year, 14th November occurred on a Sunday, the Infant Jesus School at Chikmagalur celebrated it on Saturday 13th  in a grand scale.  All the staff members took active part in the celebration.  The prayer song “let the little children come to me” was sung melodiously with the musical accompaniment to invoke the blessings of the Lord on the children.  The lady teachers danced to the tune to marvel all the children.  The men staff staged a drama entitled “the evil effects of alcohol”.  Later fancy dress completions were conducted for all the students.  Miss Suma, the foundress of Sarvodaya Infant Home and Mrs. Siddramulu were the chief guests and the judges for the day.  Mr. Ronald Sequeira who sponsored special sweets/eatables for the children was also the guest of honour and a judge for the competition.  Fr. Lawrence Dilraj Sequeira, the vice principal addressed the students and explained the importance of having a special day for the children.  Bro. Victor Crasta, the principal was the master of ceremony and kept every one with wit and humour throughout the programme.