Distribution of Identity cards to our students and staff :
Identify cards for each and every students and staff were distribution at Infant Jesus School, Chikmagalur on 8th August, 2012. Mr. Shreedhar, the newly elected president of the Parent-Teacher-Association was the chief guest of the programme. He enlightened the students about having an identity card which shows all the details of each student with the names and mobile numbers of their parents and also all the details of the school. He also opined that very few schools in Chikmagalur have this system and Infant Jesus School is a forerunner in this regard and hence all of us need to congratulate the principal who is ever creative and active in various fields. Mr. Shreedhar also provided sweets to all the students and staff to remember this occasion sweetly. Sr. Cynthia Suares, UFS joined us to distribute the Identify Cards to all the students.