Founders Day of Scouts & Guides:-
Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell (22 February 1857 – 8 January 1941) and his wife Lady Olave Baden Powell (22 February 1889 – 25 June 1977) were born on the same day (22nd February) but the difference is 32 years. The Scouts & Guides moment started in Great Britain has spread to 126 countries of the world. Infant Jesus School at Chikmagalur which has the unit of Scouts & Guides inaugurated recently, celebrated the birthday of these heroic couple on the 22nd of February. The day began at 9.30 a.m. by hoisting the Scouts & Guides flag by Sr. Cynthia Suares, the Guides District Training Commissioner. Mr. Attar D B, the district organizing secretary in his speech invited the students to grow in discipline. Br. Victor Crasta, the school principal highlighted the 2 gifts the British people had given to Indians are:- 1) cricket and 2) Scouts & Guides movements for which no Indian feels that it is imposed on us and wants to get rid of it. He connected today’s celebration of Ash Wednesday and the celebration of the birthday of Scouts and Guides has unique 2 characteristics:- 1) being dutiful always and 2) not to harm anyone. On this occasion the principal personally took oath and joined the Scout movement and invited every student and also the staff to follow the path. Rosita Monica Sequeira of Std. V clad like Lady Olave and Shashank Gowda of Std. IV dressed like Lord Baden Powell and celebrated the birthday by cutting birthday cake. Sweets were distributed to all the students and staff.